30 minute Initial Consultation with Canadian Immigration Consultant

Understanding the Client Profile Discussion on Applicable Options Express Entry Work Permit PNP Study Permit Visit Visa LMIA Business Visa Temporary Visa Rejections Refugee Cases Actions items Plan of Action Follow-up if required This is a 30 minute session. Click the above link to make a booking. Note: This initial consultation does not provide any assurance for your immigration to Canada. This is a preliminary session only. Booking may be rescheduled as per urgency or circumstances. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR VISA OR WORK PERMIT OR PERMANENT RESIDENCY That is your suitability for immigration and the sole discretion of the Canadian Immigration Authority. We can best represent your case to the Immigration Authority for your success. Click our Immigration Consultant's LinkedIn profile below to know more about him : [Manoj Goswami, Immigration Consultant from Canada](http://www.linkedin.com/in/manojcanada/)